have many beautiful photos of the female body saved to my phone. I always felt they were too provocative to share here, until now. Last night I attended a housewarming party for one of my closest friends, who I believe to be the embodiment of the divine feminine. She is elegant, graceful, gorgeous with her porcelain skin, jet black hair, and lips never without a rouge. I’ve always admired her beauty, her femininity, her subtle seductiveness that all shows a woman who is in touch with her body and her sexuality. We spend many mornings sipping coffee at her home, talking about the divine feminine, but not in the fluffy woo woo hippie way. The real divine feminine, that woman comfortable in her skin, in her body, in her sexuality and sensuality, and how so correlated to spirituality is to this.
A few moments after I arrived, one of the most exotic beauties I have seen in a while entered the room as if Aphrodite walked in herself. She was dressed in head-to-to black with a leather jacket and dark maroon hair which laid half down, half in a top knot like a samurai warrior-ess. The way she smiled, laughed, talked, moved made the entire room light up. We ended up sitting next to each other, which led to an hour long conversation about sexuality, feminine energy, creativity, how being in touch with our sexuality as women is what also opens up our creative energy and brings forward money, prosperity, lovers, and so forth (attending her workshop soon and I’ve never been more excited). It’s all the same chakra and when one of those areas is out of balance, usually the other is (sex, money, relationships = 2nd chakra). I told her how I had so many images saved that I love but felt to be too provocative for my own feed. As I walked home that night I thought of how funny that was. Isn’t this my space of self-expression? Of curiosity, of sharing my interests with the world, even if they’re not palm trees and green juices? Its a topic that has sparked my interest ages ago and one I felt too provocative (western conditioning) to share here, ironically, as it’s the most common subject I speak about with friends. More to come, no pun intended