My friend asked me yesterday, “I wonder who is behind the camera for your photos...” and I thought I would share. Sometimes you just feel stuck. Like things aren’t moving. In some areas of my life, it feels like pushing boulders up hill. As a manifestor (human design), I get what I want easily. Literally can pull ideas from the stars and watch them unfold right before my eyes. But what I’ve also watched over the years is my finger hit the self-destruct button when I get what I want. Especially lately as my dreams get bigger and hold more weight (and excitement), I spend a lot of time thinking how to not destruct. Yesterday I was having a moment as I felt the polarity of what I want and what’s not showing up yet. I went outside in a sass mood for some fresh air. I’ve been listening to a lot of Abraham Hicks lately and because I’ve been listening I knew that this day could go either way: I could let that one bad thought into my tired, overworked mind that’s been trying to get in there all morning and it all goes downhill from there or I could reach for the better feeling thought. Now, anyone who has tried to reach for the ... better feeling thought ... when the bad feeling thought is so much more shiny knows this feels like dying a thousand deaths. So as I was standing outside in the SoHo sunshine I said, “send me a better feeling thought N.O.W.” A moment later a handsome doorman / model from Brazil walks out of the store with the biggest smile on his face bucket of chocolate (I kid you not) and says Heeeeeyyy! I laughed at the irony of the moment as he took my pictures to make me smile and me laugh until I nearly peed my pants. Hilarious but a perfect reminder that often we have to command the Universe to deliver something rather than ask politely. **May you all have handsome men bring you buckets of chocolate today** 🖤