In 2008 I worked for the most incredible woman I have ever worked for. It’s funny how people’s patterns will resonate with you many years later. Hardworking, dedicated, and the epitome of get shit done, Natalie was one of my first bosses in New York City. She came in everyday dressed impeccably head-to-toe with that just got off the plane from the beach glow and a smile on her face. At the time, she was a casting director and cast models for many different designers during fashion week. We worked hours on end for weeks at a time to the point that I wondered how this woman had life in her. At one point, the stress levels were so high a la fashion week style that another intern left to get a coffee and never came back. I thought of Natalie’s grace today. There was a photo of her (not this one, I couldn’t find it sadly in the google black hole) of Natalie standing by the tents, staring off into the distance with the most serene face there ever was. Everyone commented on the photo how calm and peaceful and beautiful she looked. I remember when Natalie saw the photo we were dying laughing because in that moment she was trying to figure out what the f*ck to do as models were missing that were supposed to walk the runway and Anna Wintour had just arrived to the show, which meant the show starts now. Today was the kind of day where what can go wrong will go wrong and I remembered Natalie as I stood on the side of the street of SoHo 8 years later, 4 blocks away from my destination, and 6 massive boxes of products, after the uber driver refused to drop me off on Broadway. I stood there with zero options in sight. As I leaned against the wall calmly staring into the distance aka avoiding a breakdown on Crosby, all these years later, what would Natalie do right now. I looked down, Unpacked all the boxes, threw everything in my purse, my pockets, I asked the three construction men standing across from me to throw away the boxes to which they replied politely “yes ma’am” and made my way down Broadway to save my own day.