TASYA VAN REE - Photographer + Artist 

 Photo:  Gregory Graham Dalton

Photo: Gregory Graham Dalton


RITUAL • What are your daily inner + outer rituals to cultivate beauty and radiance?

I'm pretty simple. I don't do too many things because I don't want to mess with my body's own intelligence. Sleep, meditation, sunshine, and lots of liquids...all key elements in my natural beauty story. 


NOURISH • What are your staples for beauty + wellness + radiance?

Green tea and all delicacies of Japan.


BODY • How do you keep your body healthy, strong, and powerful?

Surfing. To be submerged in a body of water while Mother Nature moves you around. It's very intimate and profound and it engages every part of you on every level. 


MIND • How do you stay grounded, confident, and centered in this modern day craziness we call life?

Solitude. I usually withdraw from the outside world and find the stillness in my own existence. It's a space where I can have an intuitive dialog with the infinite world without any distractions. I often discover deeper connections within myself and open up new paradigms that I never knew existed. Its a discipline, and sometimes difficult to do when you have to be a part of the expanding world, but it's what keeps me most centered and alive. 


SPIRIT • BENSHEN means 'root of the spirit' - how do you root your spirit into your life, which in turn, keeps your body beautiful, healthy, and radiant?

You have to believe you are infinite. Once you understand that, everything else falls into place.