"You get up in the morning from this day forward, say to yourself, 'I shall live this day with grace.

I will take one impossible task and make it possible.'" - Yogi Bhajan


The Benshen Sessions :: 

The Benshen Sessions utilize the science of Kundalini Yoga + Meditaiton to develop the clarity + inspiration to live a bigger life, while clearing the blocks preventing you from getting what you want. When we create new habits designed for success and clear the self-animosity that prevents us from being absolutely magnetic, the whole world will open up to us. 

session blueprint :: 

  • designing a plan of intent / action to get clear about where you are now vs. where you want to be
  • use Kundalini Yoga + Meditation to help you quickly break through blocks + resistances
  • insert the Prosperity practices to allow the Universe to come through + give you everything you desire. 


 $90 per session 

60 minutes per session

available in person in Williamsburg or via FaceTime

to book a session, visit here