Rule of Radiance No. 3 | No Neediness

An insecure woman is one consumed by needs that she expects a man to fill those voids. She needs him to make her feel secure, beautiful, sexy, wanted, desirable. The problem is you cannot get that from a man - it’s fleeting. All of that power has to come from you. The Radiant Woman is one who knows how to meet all her needs. Who, even though she may have insecurities, she knows how to turn them off and step into her power (which is why we meditate - so we can practice training the mind to focus our attention elsewhere). The Radiant Woman knows what she desires and knows how to please herself in every department, from buying your own flowers to exploring sensuality by yourself in the bedroom. Neediness means that you’re not having your own needs met and expect someone else to do that for you. There’s a massive difference between needing a partner to fill a void (which pushes them away fast baby) and desiring a man because you feel so beautiful, so sensual, so secure in your own life that you just desire someone to play with. .
One client asked me, “how do I feel confident when I meet someone for the first date?” I asked her what she would wear on that date, what would she look like, smell like, act like? She explained to me in vivid detail and lit up as she drew a picture of her in all her glory. Her assignment was for the next two weeks (and hopefully way beyond) she has to dress every single day as if she’s going on that date. Because then it’s not waiting for the guy to create the platform for her to step into that beauty. It’s about stepping into it every single day so that we live out the role of that radiance and beauty we often tend to only bring out on a date. I don’t care if you’re sitting on your ass all day at home. I wake up in the morning and put on my favorite perfume, just for me, because it smells beautiful and sensual and divine. The Radiant Woman meets her own needs and god damn does a man have big shoes to fill when he meets a woman who’s cup is already overflowing