Rule of Radiance No 7. | Keep Your F*cking Word

This was the absolute hardest lesson for me to learn. Years and years of not keeping my word to myself and to others taught me where all insecurities stem from, where all challenge arise from, where all adversity comes from. As Chris once told me, the quickest way to get power is to do exactly what you say you’re going to do, when you say you’re going to do it - the quickest way to lose power is to not keep your word. Finally six months ago I decided enough is enough - I could see that almost every challenge I was facing in my life was because I did not keep my word, to my self and to others. I became militant, obsessive, and adamant to keep my word as I embarked on this new study in power. And very soon things began to shift. Not only did I feel more powerful but prosperity began flowing in more than ever, for the Universe wants to bring you everything but if you can’t keep your word to deliver and show up fully when it does, it blocks of more flows of prosperity. As I started to keep my word, my integrity began to shift - I began to trust and respect myself and others began to trust and respect me. As I became more empowered, I began taking less shit from people. I stopped being a doormat - in all avenues of my life. I started seeing how I was losing respect for so many others who would give their word and not follow through. Our integrity is the most valuable thing we have - it takes a long time to build and an instant to be broken. And while all this was manifesting in my life, I could see it, feel it, and understand it but last night @gurujagat explained it perfectly: “When your mercurial energy (Mercury - the planet of Communication) is aligned it’s like a stampede of horses - you are SO powerful. Because in the beginning was THE WORD.” Your word is everything. If you want to change your life, begin with your word. The power of keeping your word brightens your magnetism and wattage of the Radiant Body like you’ve never experienced before