Rule of Radiance No. 6 | No Self-Deprication

That whole not being able to accept a compliment without spinning it into a negate? As my 19 year old sister would say, “yeah, that’s gotta go.” When’s the last time someone complimented you and you simply respond, “thank you!” So many women not only do not know how to accept and receive compliments, which directly correlates to their inability to receive + experience pleasure, but they more importantly don’t know how to compliment themselves. One of the most common conversations amongst women is each one putting themselves down, putting others down, and bitching about how bad your life is. Well how is your life going to be grand when all you do is magnify all the things going wrong? How can you begin to like yourself when all you do is talk about, to yourself and others, everything you need to fix in your life? How can you experience pleasure when you can’t even receive a compliment? 
For this Rule of Radiance there are many steps involved and I *know* you can do them all. For one week I offer you to do the following, unless you like being basically miserable then skip this rule completely! 
1. No self-depreciation which means absolutely no criticizing yourself, your body, or your life. No making fun of your body, how single you are, how unworthy you feel, how you can’t find the job you love. Replace it with something else. I don’t care what - you can talk about tacos for all I care. Done. Buh-Bye. No Mas. 
2. No deflecting when someone gives you a compliment. Accept it. Own it. Embrace it. Don’t even compliment them back unless you TRULY mean it. I.e. when someone says, “wow I love your pants! You say, “Thanks! Aren’t they great?” Instead of “oh these, I got them on sale for one dollar at the dollar store they’re so old...” blah blah everyone around you is now bored. Own how great you look because I know that if you’ve been reading my posts or coming to my workshops you’ve been making an effort to look your best, no matter what, for YOU, right?
3. No Gossip - the moment you gossip is the moment you’ve just told the whole room your biggest insecurity. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.
image via tumblr