Rule of Radiance No. 4 | Be the Ovum

 I’m friends or at least friendly with most of my ex’s girlfriends. Two of my best friends in the entire world are women who have dated the same man as I have. Note, it didn’t happen over night and these are only from relationships that ended amicably. In most cases women would look at the next person the guy dates and think, “that bitch...” and to be totally fair, this is a learned trait that society has taught us how to react based on feeding into jealous and insecurity. I don’t have room for jealousy in my life and I definitely don’t want anymore insecurities. I have trained my mind to look at everything as mirrors, emotions as my navigating tools, and have learned how to fuel my desires based upon this. For example, my last ex is now dating a very, very successful creative who travels the world often. When I first found out two years ago, my initial thoughts were, okay what do I see in her that I think I don’t have or embody: financial stability, creative success, and travels the world. There lay my springboard and I got to work, using what would be jealousy and “falling apart” over his new, fantastic girlfriend became inspiration and the fuel I needed to get my ass together. Two years later my life looks completely and radically different because of it (thank you, Z). More recently, someone I dated for a few months is now dating one of the most beautiful and badass women I have ever seen. When I found out earlier in the year, I saw a picture of her my mind went: “She’s gorgeous, of course he’s dating her, you’re no where near....” and I literally picked my head up from looking at the phone and said to myself, “oh hell no you are not going there.” It became a moment instead of going down, I asked what do I see in her that I think I don’t have? She owned her beauty, she adored her body, and she is confident AF. So I got to work, knowing that it wasn’t about her but bringing out those qualities that existed in myself. So ladies, all of these are mirrors to Being The Ovum: not being afraid of being as beautiful, confident, and successful as possible so that you can shine bright like a diamond