Rule of Radiance No. 2 | Channel the Archetype

If you’ve been to my workshops or have had a session, you’re familiar with channeling from an Archetype. Thomas Moore talks about this beautifully in his book, Soul of Sex, how we are all consciously and unconsciously able to evoke the energy of whatever we desire. For example, in James Bond movies when a Bond girl emerges from the water, this is the Venus Archetype, anadyomene, the goddess rising from the sea. It’s one of the most beautiful images and feelings, being in water, walking from water, standing under waterfalls. And when we’re in water we can channel the Venus energy and draw power, Beauty, and sensuality from it. .
Moving onto Drama. Now that you have a taste of what an Archetype is, it’s crucial when shifting paradigms to have someone you draw inspiration from. What Would XYZ Do, should be the first question that arises when you feel a drama party coming on. My first Archetype was Angelina as Lara Croft. I watched the movie 6 times in a row one day just to soak up her energy. Now whenever I’m in a challenging moment, it’s What Would Lara Do? Do you think I’m going to be emotional and commotional if I can ask that first? Another Archetype is this beautiful Italian bombshell @gildaambrosio. I channel Italian women all. day. long. They’re fun, sassy, sexy, powerful, self-assured. It’s a way more exciting energy to call upon and live out than a neurotic insecure one. So first step to no drama is find your Archetype, the well to draw inspiration from, and in the moment when you feel absolutely bewitched and ready to be dramatic (remember we’re mostly talking about in dating here but this applies to anything), draw from your Archetype (also your Archetype is actually you, who you really are beneath the surface, which is why you’re inspired when you see it in others... more on that later). -Close your eyes and shift your energy. No man can deal with drama. No woman truly desires to be dramatic. No prosperity can come through when you leak power through drama. So many pathways open when you stay in your power