Rule of Radiance No. 1 | No Drama

It came to me after months of learning the secrets of dating, the womanly arts of seduction, and emotional mastery from the Women’s teachings that there are quite a number of rules in play. If we look at those rules as a “should do because someone said so”, it can make us feel weak + insecure. However, if we can engage with the rules knowing they are actually designed to increase immense personal power, it’s a whole knew ballgame. So I’ve created a Rolodex of Rules of Radiance, the actions or inactions that allow a woman to both build immense power and make her more radiant / magnetic. The first + more important, as it truly goes against a woman’s nature, is NO DRAMA. This is your new mantra. Save the drama for your mama. In the realms of dating, a man can not tolerate drama or insecurities. Literally his nervous system cannot understand these energies and they fall apart. You’ve seen it, you know what I’m talking about. And you, my beauties, know that you have 9 seconds of intuition (after 9 seconds emotions kick in) to decide if you’re going to be dramatic or hold yourself in absolute grace. If you go downhill after 9 seconds, you know how strong you can destroy EVERYTHING in an instance (be it a relationship, career, friendship, etc). In the Art of the Radiant Woman, the first thing we learn is how to navigate life with GRACE. It is NOT easy at first - it’s taken me a year of trial and error, of learning how to move that strong energy when it rises up (why do you think I started working out so much the last few months...). It’s been comical to watch how men will test a woman to see if I will become dramatic (they will do this) and when they see me filing my nails in boredom at their games while other women fall apart (and then wave my pretty nails Buh-BYE Felicia), they have no idea what to do. But what *I’m* doing is holding + cultivating power, for that power, when held and not leaked through drama, makes a woman more magnetic, which means more opportunities come to her. In dating, in career, in finances, in experiences... in EVERY realm, she becomes infinitely powerful and absolutely radiant.