I’ve actually been a student at the prestigious *école de résistance* for many years. I’m obsessed with the subject and am not the only one. Because resistance is one of the most complex human experiences when it comes to the business of our goals + dreams, many have tried to understand why it happens and how to overcome it. Resistance shows up in many shapes, forms, and flavors. It can be fatigue, heaviness, and a plain old I don’t wanna do it. In this case, when resistance creeps up in that form, I give myself one week. I say, “okay, I’m feeling this resistance, I’m not going to make a scene of it.” I think if we talk about it to everyone and their cousins, we just feed it. I give myself a week to feel the resistance and approach it with curiosity - is this resistance because I’m having an upgrade and it feels like a lot OR is this resistance because I’m really not supposed to be doing this thing OR (!!!) is this resistance due to fear that I can’t have what I want. That’s why I give it one week (sometimes longer) to really tap into which side of the coin the resistance is on. And then another form of resistance, which is didn’t even realize was an entity of resistance until I listened to Steven Pressfield’s talk with @marieforleo: self-doubt is a massive form of resistance. He even wrote a whole book on it called Turning Pro, where he discusses the difference between a professional and an amateur (in the scheme of life). The professional is someone who doesn’t get burdened by doubts and fears, they know how to navigate them when they arise and deal with them quickly and efficiently. The amateur rolls around in them for hours, days, weeks, years. The resistance, in the form of self-doubt- can sound like, “Who do you think you are? No one will like your work. You’ll never succeed. Why even bother?” When I learned that this was all just another form of resistance, I began to become more *professional* in the face of resistance because as Steve says, “Most of us have two lives. The life we live, and the unlived life within us. Between the two stands Resistance.”