One of the biggest misconceptions that has become a sort of new propaganda is that when you figure out what you want to do in life it’s easy - if it’s not easy, then it’s not “your dream.” Even business legend @sethgodin talks this new wave of entrepreneurs that are so focused on finding THE thing vs figuring out how they want to feel every single day - the former causes us to miss many opportunities that may come to us that look slightly different than we imagined, but still gives us the opportunity to feel how we want to feel. For example, I love public speaking. While I’m not giving Ted Talks (yet...), teaching is one way I get to fulfill my love of speaking publicly. Imagine if I said I’m ONLY going to give Ted Talks because that’s the dream... I’d miss so many other opportunities, like weekly classes, traveling to give talks, teaching/speaking for companies Iike @linkedin@goop@refinery29. You get the picture. I talk about all of this because imagine if my goal was JUST the Ted Talk, for example, and I gave up when the offer that comes to my inbox is LinkedIn, not Ted. I don’t give up, I keep going. It might take me 5-10 years to get a TedTalk but in the back of my mind I keep my eyes on the prize. @ciara for example, just put out a new album with mind-blowing videos she also directed. How many years has she been in the game? Do you think it’s easy for her? She keeps showing up for her dreams even when the going gets rough - even one video from her IG shows that during rehearsal for Dose her daughter didn’t want to sleep so she held her in her HANDS while rehearsing all night long. That is the epitome of keeping up. Her lyrics to level up even say it all: “I turned nothing to something, my comeback on 100
Less talking, more action, you just gon' see Ci coming
I just keep elevating, no losses, just upgrading
My lessons, made blessings, I turned that into money
Thank God I never settled, this view is so much better.” Most often, what we want is just on the other side of the moment we almost give up but don’t.