NICOLE FASOLINO - Art Director + Stylist 




RITUAL • What are your daily inner + outer rituals to cultivate beauty and radiance?

I’ve always been super lazy about my beauty regime. I wear makeup about 3 times a year, and mostly concentrate on drinking loads of water throughout the day, getting exercise daily and moisturizing endlessly. I carry around Caudalie’s beauty elixir to spray on my face throughout the day, especially after a flight or on steamy hot days. I’ve recently become a huge fan of Benshen’s oil, which is taking over for my moisturizers and making my skin seriously glow!


NOURISH • What are your staples for beauty + wellness + radiance?

Avocado is my ultimate food source. It gives me amazing energy before a run or workout, or when I’m on a mad dash to work. I eat with everything from raw honey to just hot sauce to a sprinkle of salt or just straight up guacamole. I’m not a big eater by nature, so I’m often making smoothies with berries, kale and avocado to keep me healthy. I find it’s also my son’s favorite go-to when we’re rushing off to school in the morning, too.


BODY • How do you keep your body healthy, strong, and powerful?

My mom (@mamafas) is an amazing reiki master who happens to work in NYC, so I have the luck of working with her as often as I need. Nothing brings me balance and clarity like reiki does. My mom has this insane power of bringing light to my darkness and power to my weariness. I’ve been a workout lover since I was a toddler. I remember being stressed at school and coming home to do sprints up my driveway and sit-ups in my bedroom, it was my way of de-stressing and still is. My brain simply functions better after I sweat the shit out of my stressed out self.


MIND • How do you stay grounded, confident, and centered in this modern day craziness we call life?

Again, reiki is insanely helpful for the mind. So I definitely turn to that for relief. But I’m a constant reader, writer and I meditate, all to keep me zen. I started studying Buddhism with my amazing friend Jennifer Bett Meyer a few years ago. It’s all one big circle of calm, from the reiki to going for a run to meditating to reading, I find they are all connected and all aide me in finding peace daily. Truth is, I rarely get stressed or feel crazed anymore. Once you start practicing calmness, it just comes to you naturally. It’s an amazing life tool.


SPIRIT • BENSHEN means 'root of the spirit' - how do you root your spirit into your life, which in turn, keeps your body beautiful, healthy, and radiant?

I’m all about realness. I know plenty of people who don’t know who they truly, deeply are – I keep those people at an arm's length. It’s the passionate souls, those who can talk about any subject for hours, who can live in the moment that I admire and keep close. It’s these people that help me cultivate my endless creative dreams, they’re the ones who I travel with, who I talk to on the phone for hours, the ones who I create with for days on end and just want more, the ones who give me reason to keep living wildly free. And my son, he’s the reason my spirit is positive from sunrise to sundown.