MYRAH PEÑALOZA - Yogini + Muse + Co-Founder of It's Time to Bloom




RITUAL • What are your daily inner + outer rituals to cultivate beauty and radiance?

My morning ritual… I tend to sleep with a lavendar eye mask from this brilliant Canadian line, Saje . And after I remove this eye mask, I run through my ABC's, A: Awaken to the miracle

of being alive, B: Take in deep conscious Breath and C: Celebrate and embrace my husband and our puppy Suri. Before getting on any technology, I put on my kettle and while it heats, I sit and consentrate on the current state that I am in, Suri likes to joins me and I like to think that we are meditating together. One of my beauty secrets is my devotion to my Japa practice dedicated to Lakshmi. I meditate and chant to the mantra “Om Maha Lakshmi Nama Ha” 108 times. I feel like the more I chat to her the more I embody, Grace and Elegance. Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of Abundance and Beauty. I invite you to try it for 30 days and experiment what possibilities are possible. 

After being with myself I wash my face with cold water. I don’t have a face wash that I use right now yet when its time for a good face cleaning (new moon ritual) I scoop up some coconut oil and sprinkle some sea salt and exfoliate my T’zone. My 'go-to’ face product right now is Pura Botanicals,

all hand made in Edmonton. Wherever I live, I tend to adopt anything and everything local and right now I live in Canada and my California skin is loving everything Pura. She has these amazing “Lolita Drops” that once I apply a thin layer on my face it is an automatic "yogi glow" face … like the face you get when you finish the most radical, auric shifting yoga class ever and you are glowing … thats the "yogi glow.”

I find carving out time to be in nature is a needed time. I reconnect to true beauty and in return it reflects its beauty on to me, connecting to mother nature either outside on dog walks or in my home garden is essential for me as part of my beauty self-care.

Whether I practice Kundalini yoga or SATTVA yoga I always make sure to make time to do my Sadhana. Doing something physical with my body is very important to me, I love dancing and feeling the feminine energy move through me, it makes me feel beautiful. 


NOURISH • What are your staples for beauty + wellness + radiance?

WATER!!! I drink so much water. I am not savvy in the kitchen however I do make really good “super smoothies” and my key ingredients are anything. Sunpotion and Philosophy Foods that are smoothie friendly. Right now I am living off watermelons and cucumbers, everything from salads, juice, and salsas. One homemade recipe I can share is our cucumber + lemon vitamin water. We call it "Longevity Vitamin Potion": 

2 whole cucumbers, cut 

2 limes squeezed + lime slices for beauty

1 lemon squeezed

Mint Leaves

Combine all in a large pitcher with purified water. Let chill and enjoy! #SOgood



BODY • How do you keep your body healthy, strong, and powerful?

I do YOGA!! I make sure I move my body in all sorts of ways. Kundalini yoga to revitalize, rejuvenate, harmonize my magnetic field, and decalcify stagnation. SATTVA yoga to play, challenge my mental limitations, test them out physically and in the end, return to my true nature.  


MIND • How do you stay grounded, confident, and centered in this modern day craziness we call life?

MEDITATION and self check-ins. I use mantra mediation (Japa) and Affirmation. I vision board to get clear on my vision. And when I out grow old wants and needs, I return back to the "Why?...Why am I here?” and remind myself that i am here to uplift others.


SPIRIT • BENSHEN means 'root of the spirit' - how do you root your spirit into your life, which in turn, keeps your body beautiful, healthy, and radiant?

CEREMONY.  Everything in my life is a ceremony. My yoga, My teachings, My food, My walks, My love making, My communication… all is a sacred communion because we only have one moment and then its over. So the way I root my spirit into my life if with ceremony.