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 From Dark to Light :: Healing the Lower Triangle

"Fear, self-rejection, self-criticism, self-indulgence, there are so much negative things about self which man does to self, they all get eliminated automatically, that is the power of this Kriya. Page after page... Sat Kriya is explained and then page after page its beauty, its usefulness, how it helps the man, it works, it is a most important and most powerful Kriya in the entire Kundalini yoga, if I say it is the heart of Kundalini yoga I don't think it is wrong to say.” - Yogi Bhajan


3 minutes a day | 40 days | begins February 1st.

Read here + watch here for instructions on Sat Kriya. Tune in here for Guru Jagat's explanation on Sat Kriya + Sat Nam. 

TO JOIN :: Start the meditation on February 1st and join us as a community to share your experience on socials using #benshenSATKRIYA #benshenmeditation. If you're in New York City, join us here on February 11th to do as a group for 31 minutes.