KRISTIN DAHL | Holistic Nutritionist + Chef 




RITUAL • What are your daily inner + outer rituals to cultivate beauty and radiance?

Generally, I start the day with several glasses of water (sometimes with lemon) & sip herbal tea, while connecting with my love. My beauty routine has become quite simple. I wash my face with coconut cleanser, anoint my body Jiva Apoha oils and apply RMS makeup & rosewater daily. The Korean spa is my haven for long sauna sessions and monthly scrubs. Both are incredible for detoxing, qi flow and bringing me back into my body. I’m also hyper-conscious of my water intake. I do my best to drink ½ my body weight in ounces everyday!


NOURISH • What are your staples for beauty + wellness + radiance?

Creating most of my meals at home is one of the most important things I do for my inner & outer wellness. To me, a true glow comes from clean nourishment. 

Eating fermented foods is key!! I’m a fan of Kimchi, sauerkraut, coconut yogurt & kefir. This keeps my immune system strong and my digestion flowing. I also make sure to get a variety of greens & proteins every day. A standard Macro bowl is my go to for balanced nourishment. 

Holy basil, spring dragon and dandelion root tea are always in rotation. They all work to keep my blood sugar stable, my liver cleansed and my skin radiant!


BODY • How do you keep your body healthy, strong, and powerful?

I just love to move, so anything active! Getting my heart pumping makes me feel invigorated, powerful, and fully alive. I take long hikes a few times a week in the mountains to soothe my soul and strengthen me from head to toe. I go to hot Yoga classes, which open and expand my heart and limbs. I also Dance whenever I feel inspired, which supports my lymph system and keeps me fluid, young, and radiant!  

Two other great tools for stagnant energy I love are: The Chi Machine & acupuncture. 


MIND • How do you stay grounded, confident, and centered in this modern day craziness we call life?

Deeply vulnerable conversations with my man help to keep me centered and sane. The mind is incredibly powerful and not all of our thoughts are pure. Engaging in honest conversations with the person I trust most in this world soothes my emotions and brings me back to my center.  

I find that taking breaks and setting limits with technology is incredibly helpful. I often “unplug” for evenings, date nights, and weekends to unwind. I also try not to use my phone while I’m at dinner or with friends, I find it takes me to far away from the present moment.   

Most recently, I’ve been using hypnotherapy as a tool to get myself into a deep state of relaxation and trust. This promotes restful sleep and a balanced mind state, a must for anyone wanting to unplug on a deeper level!


SPIRIT • BENSHEN means 'root of the spirit' - how do you root your spirit into your life, which in turn, keeps your body beautiful, healthy, and radiant?

By continuously “doing the work” on myself, the more my life and my relationships improve. The more I face my fears and struggles, and the more honest I get with myself, the more I grow, expand and attract abundance.  

Connecting to nature brings me back to my roots. It reminds me that everything in creation comes from the root of the earth. This is where my spirit feels truly nourished. 

I keep my heart and mind open by traveling, exploring, trying new things, & meeting new people. These experiences draw me to a deeper sense of gratitude and fulfillment. 

Everyday I give thanks for all that I have, Life is a blessing and each moment is an incredible gift!