KARI JANSEN - Herbalist + Founder, Poppy and Someday




RITUAL • What are your daily inner + outer rituals to cultivate beauty and radiance?

My daily ritual starts with a glass of warm water immediately when I wake up to support my kidneys and adrenals.  I always add Alexis Smart’s flower remedies and usually follow this with a mug of Sun Potion’s yummy Anadamide.  It’s a great mix of tonic herbs which I combine with almond milk. 

After getting my son to school and walking my great danes, I’ll find myself in the garden, my grounding spot.  No matter how crazy and detached any day gets, I always feel safe and loved among my plants. My garden is my grounding spot.



NOURISH • What are your staples for beauty + wellness + radiance?

I try to keep an underlying element of nourishment in all of my daily rituals. At some point in the day, I try to give myself a daily massage called Abhyangya with rejuvenating oils and salves.  


BODY • How do you keep your body healthy, strong, and powerful?

The majority of my food comes from our farmers market. Organic, local and colorful veggies are a must for me.  I also have a small garden where I grow my own kale, nettle and mustard greens.  I need lots of green vitality in my life, especially living in a crazy city like Los Angeles.  

I make sure all products I put on my body are as pure as those which I put in my body and are free of chemicals, synthetics and additives.  Our skin is our biggest organ!  I use my Poppy and Someday Sunshine Daydream salve as a regular moisturizer.  I like Indigo Forest Soap from the Naked Eye Beauty and Prism of Threads collaboration, it’s so earthy and intoxicating.  I’m a regular user of La Tierra Sagrada’s Hair Treatment which, in addition to it’s amazing hair treatment properties, naturally calms my nervous system.  I always try to make sure a hair ritual falls on every new moon.  


MIND • How do you stay grounded, confident, and centered in this modern day craziness we call life?

Yoga, hiking, and running are all a part of my regular routine. I've got to keep my heart pumping and my lymph flowing. Exercise is so essential to drainage of toxins, destroying bacteria, and creating an immune response. 


SPIRIT • BENSHEN means 'root of the spirit' - how do you root your spirit into your life, which in turn, keeps your body beautiful, healthy, and radiant?

I’ve learned to schedule focused time for travel and creativity, this keeps my spirit young and energetic.  On a daily basis, I try to fill my free time with art, whether it be weaving dreamcatchers or hand building a clay bowl,creativity is an important part of my work-life balance.  

Life is an adventure.  I feel lucky to wake up inspired and excited for what lies ahead each day.