a letter to my tribe

Dearest tribe, 

Yesterday shook our world in a way that we never imagined would happen in this day and age. I woke up yesterday morning feeling a sadness that I haven’t ever felt. It didn’t quite feel like it was just my own. I spent the first half of the morning, feeling hungover, and like I was just dumped. I couldn’t get out of bed. I cried. A lot. Tears that I was not expecting. 

And then I felt a huge pull to get up. To put my clothes on. To start reaching out to people and communities to see if there was any help needed in supporting one another today. The act of reaching out in my lowest of lows reminded me two important things: 

  1. we are not alone - everyone around us is going through something on some level
  2. we are being asked to wake up to our purpose, of how we are going to serve this planet, of how we are going to help our friends, our families, our country and the world to move forward.

It seems and feels like everything is falling apart on every level. And yes, it is. Because without falling apart we would have stayed blind to what’s behind the walls that have been built. 

But Tribe, we’re running out of time. We don’t have time to be depressed or sad about what has happened or what will happen. We must not allow this change to bring out more fear but to bring out our purpose, our visions, our passions. We must fight now more than ever for a better world. And a better world begins with each of us. We cannot point fingers - when we point a finger we have three pointing back at us. And most importantly, we must support one another and find solace in one another through community. 

I always thought I was teaching Kundalini Yoga to get the teachings out. I love Teaching and it gives me so much energy to share these practices that have helped me immensely. In my personal experience, it has helped me, someone who struggles with potent insecurities, to feel more secure and more able to show up in the world. I thought this was the goal, to help others feel the same. And yesterday morning, what got me out of bed was realizing that in addition to that the mission has changed: to provide space for people to come together and feel whole. To build a strong community. To build a Sanghat in New York that is unbreakable. To create a space where we can come together and get stronger together. I imagine it as the den of where passions are birthed. The den where we hold space for one another during our greatest successes and also our greatest tragedies. This is not some hippie kumbaya circle. This is a space where we can practice the technology that helps us succeed and come through all adversity of this lifetime. Yogi Bhajan once said, “This universe, our universe, is a university in which you graduate against adversity."

My mission has changed. My vision has changed. And change starts now. I would love to hear feedback from you of what we can do to build this little community. How can we come together more? What are you looking for? How can we come together to support one another in achieving the highest incarnation of our passions? 

Going forward, I will be planning more classes and more gatherings for us to get stronger, together. In times like this, we need more leaders and leaders, from what I realized yesterday while asking myself what does it take to be a leader on this planet, is to be able to put our own bullshit aside so we can come out strong, fierce, and mighty in the face of any challenge. And the goal is to just RADIATE. We make our Radiant Bodies so strong that we can help people just by them looking at us. When we practice Kundalini Yoga, we strengthen all Ten Bodies and we become more balanced, more whole, and more magnetic. 


And we have to remember, most importantly, the Aura, the Seventh Body, the Electromagnetic Field of the Body, extends 9 feet around us. If I can clear my Aura enough, if I can make my Aura a little stronger, a little brighter, anyone who comes within 9 feet of me can feel a little brighter, a little stronger, without me even opening my mouth. That is the science of the Future. The Aura as it extends 9 feet around us in all directions also penetrates into the Earth 9 feet below us. So just by changing the frequency of our Aura from sad, depressed, angry, frustrated, miserable, poverty-consciousness, fear-based to healthy, happy, radiant, prosperous, victorious, we, with each of our individual Auras, change the magnetic field of the Earth. This is how we can begin to truly heal our planet. 

SUNDAY ::  I will be hosting a workshop on the Ten Bodies at Sky Ting Yoga on Sunday from 3 - 5pm. In light of this week’s events, I am saving the last half of the workshop for a 31 minute meditation to Heal Yourself and Heal the World. The mantra, Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung, was given to us by Yogi Bhajan as he knew we would need profound healing in the days of the Future. If you would like to listen to the Mantra on your own, Snatam Kaur’s version is what we will be using in the workshop and it’s absolutely Angelic. I look forward to seeing us all gather together and get stronger and more powerful to move forward with Grace. 

WHITE SUN II :: I have been listening to White Sun’s new Album non-stop the last few days. It’s been my savior. Particularly Akal, Ik Ardas Wahe Guru, and Chattra Chakkra Varti. 

CHATTRA CHAKKRA VARTI :: This is a powerful mantra for Fears. It removes fear, anxiety, depression, insecurity and phobias and instills courage, fearlessness and brings victory. It gives self-command and self-grace.

FULL MOON SESSIONS :: On November 14th, we have a powerful Full Moon in Taurus. I’m not surprised this is the Astrological alignment after this week’s events. The Taurus, the Bull, aligning with the Full Moon means that we have an opportunity to release those extremely stubborn experiences, behaviors, and patterns within us. Across the board I’ve been talking to friends, students, and clients about how now more than ever we feel the urgency of dropping our own bullshit so we can show up bigger in the world. The theme of this moon is Severance - ending a connection or relationship and the most important changes have to begin within: ending the connections or relationships to ourselves that are harmful, that cause self-destruction, that steer us away from what we’re meant to do on this planet. I will be holding space for Full Moon one-on-one sessions this week in person in NYC or via FaceTime. We will be working with a highly specific form of intention setting for your lunar goals in any + all realms (body, relationships, health, money, habits) and learning a Kundalini Yoga Meditation to help manifest your goals, clearing the subconscious blockages preventing you from achieving them. • to reserve your space email desireeSpais@gmail.com • 60 mins | $90


Life is one simple challenge. Act, don't react. Calm yourself and claim yourself. When you reflect like a torch for a long distance, it takes away the darkness. - Yogi Bhajan