• sangha yoga shala 107 North 3rd Street Brooklyn, NY, 11249 United States

"During those months [of pregnancy] she is required to be in circumstances which are very secure, respectable, and comfortable, and in which she can have a lot of understanding around her. We always know how to raise the rose bush, but we have never tried to study how to raise our children. Our children are actually raised within those nine months of pregnancy and development. Those are very important days of life of the child.” - Yogi Bhajan

Join Desiree Pais of Benshen at Sangha Yoga Shala for a workshop to learn the ancient Yogic practices about lifestyle, kriyas, and meditations that support us to consciously conceive, carry, and raise a child. This workshop is for men and women, single or in relationship, pregnant or not pregnant, who are inspired to learn and engage with the practices that support a successful pregnancy and learn the tools on how to consciously raise children to be the best parents they can be.

March 11th | 2-3:30pm | $30