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RADIANT BODY: The Beauty of Every Woman

Radiant Body: The Beauty of Every Woman 

A Women's Workshop with Desiree Pais

"Because you are not a body, nor a mind, nor a soul, nor a occupation, not a home, not a garden, not a car, you are representing performance. Now watch this word I am using. Representing, performance of the creative God. So your language, your actions, your behavior must line itself with your dignity, your Divinity, your grace. Beauty my friends is not what you imagine is beauty." - Yogi Bhajan

Join Desiree Pais for a Kundalini Yoga + Meditation workshop that goes deep into the Women's Teachings on Radiance, Grace, and how to be a powerful woman. Yogi Bhajan, the Master of Kundalini Yoga, taught relentlessly on how to be a Woman - how to go from feeling powerless to powerful, from insecure to radiant. This is a dense workshop where you will learn many tools and practices to tap into the most beautiful and graceful version of you. 

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Beaming To Create The Future : A Kundalini Workshop

with Desiree Pais

"After clearing the mind of other distracting thoughts and attachments, it has tremendous capacity and creativity when focused and beaming. Use that beaming faculty. Become still and project the mind to create your future and your relationship to the world." - Yogi Bhajan

Join Desiree Pais for a Kundalini Yoga + Meditation workshop to use the power of the projection of the mind to crystallize your desires. Whether you want health, wealth, prosperity, love, this workshop will utilize the powerful practice of Kundalini Yoga to create the space in the mind / body for it to happen.

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IMAGE : Kate Moss by Daria Werbowy for Equipment Fr

IMAGE : Kate Moss by Daria Werbowy for Equipment Fr

"Strength and weakness follow each other. The question is, which side are you on? The question is not what the calamities are that you are going to face. Everybody has got to face that. The question is not whether misfortune is coming or not. The question is, how are you going to face it? If you face anything head on, it will go away.” - Yogi Bhajan

Join Desiree Pais of Benshen for a Kundalini Yoga + Meditation workshop to Create a New Self-Concept. Everyday we wake up and decide who we are going to be, and then reinforce this decision through habits and patterns. Yogi Bhajan often said that if you could change one habit you could change your entire destiny. What would happen if you woke up and decided to be a different person, the person you envision yourself being, and had the strength to create habits that supported that vision?  More often than not, we pick a self-concept that is feeds into fears, doubts, insecurities, and weaknesses. Through this workshop, we will begin to experience a new projection of trust, security, confidence, and strength so that we can take that into our everyday lives create a self-concept, moment-to-moment, that empowers our inherent strength to face any challenge. || Sign up here

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Join Desiree Pais on February 9th for a Kundalini Yoga + Meditation workshop to bring prosperity into your life for the new year.  All proserpity - financially, physically, romantically - comes when our bodies and minds are strong enough to recieve, deliver, and embrace the abudnace without self-destructing. Sign up here

"You have unilimited reserve energy. When you invoke your energy, there's nothing that is small in you and all the environments start flying towards you.” - Yogi Bhajan

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"The greatest progress in life is when you know your limitations, and then you have the courage to drop them." - Yogi Bhajan

Join Desiree Pais of Benshen for a Kundalini Yoga + Meditation workshop to Access the Source of Strength in You. To make changes in our lives requires a great amount of inner strength : strength to stand up to our insecurities, habits, doubts, fears, emotions, commotions, negativities. Through the practice of Kundalini Yoga we can tap into that great reservoir of strength that lies within each of us so that we can conquer any obstacle and come out of every situation in life victorious.

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  • Maha Rose


Join Desiree Pais of Benshen on for a Kundalini Yoga + Meditation workshop to ignite the inner fires of self-mastery through self-reliance. To gain mastery over our lives we must develop the strength to rely on our selves. We rely so heavily on external means for happiness, health, approval, decision making, love, that we lose touch with emotional mastery once we do not receive gratification from the outside. In this workshop, we will use the tools of Kundalini Yoga to spark self-mastery through self-reliance and develop the inner-strength to make changes in our lives, to make the impossible possible.

“When you get up in the morning from this day forward, say to yourself, ‘I shall live this day with grace. I will take one impossible task and make it possible’"- Yogi Bhajan

 $35 pre-registration | $40 day of

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