Before I left, Chris said I needed this rock bottom. I didn't get it. I've hit rock bottom. Many times. I know rock bottom like the back of my hand. But getting two teeth out wasn't rock bottom, was it? Five days later I realize that rock bottom meant time to integrate and assess which way I wanted to go. To slow down enough to find the right inspiration again before this next chapter. I keep saying on here the last few days so many changes are happening and they are and it's been wild because most of those changes have been my own perception. It's like the world, my world, has been cracked wide open and I can see very clearly for the first time in a while and it's scary because the truth is like "Woah baby turn those shiners off". And you feel uncomfortable like a hangover but you didn't drink because you realize all the ways you were sabotaging yourself even though you thought you were doing all the "right" things. I love the wellness world. I love the yoga world. I love the mindful movement. But there's a lot of darkness in there too, how many of us, myself included, have blindly used it to make ourselves feel worse about ourselves because we didn't drink enough green juice or meditate 22x per day or don't have enough followers on Instagram. This world is really wild and changing rapidly and as the saying goes it's not so much about learning more but UNlearning all the things that keep us from actually enjoying this one short life.