In any given day I could and probably will measure myself up to more people than many of you will in a life time. In New York, we're surrounded by the creme de la creme of the world :: the most beautiful, the most stylish, the most creative, the most well dressed, the most successful, the most confident, the hustlers. By the time I've made it to my morning destination, I've compared myself, consciously and unconsciously, to nearly 100 people. When I sit down on the train, if I decide to, with the click of a button I can compare myself to 2,477 more. Sometimes I forgot what I look like and sound like and feel like after being so sensorially surrounded. I'll catch a glimpse of myself in the window and she looks tired and worn down and with bags under her eyes and with blemishes on her skin and before I can even begin to feel sorry for her, not in a 'poor me' way but in a 'let me love YOU way', the subway has stopped and her eyes are now someone else's peering through the window, ready to get on the train at the station. I'll remember that moment and decide oh I need to eat this and drink this green that because my hormones are this and my --- lately I don't care about that story, the wellness's world of trying to fix the undercurrent by trying to control our surroundings. No. no. What I'm more interested in is when I look this way and feel that way, now, is how am I comparing myself to everyone in a way that lives up the motto : "comparison will rob you of your radiance." And so, instead, I've been turning to the real healing :: Inspiration. Art, music, editorials, fashion. That's where the real healing is. The REAL healing that hits the heart and suddenly the world looks different, the same world we've been living in for X amount of years. Creativity is the essence of all healing, of all change, of all growth. It's messy, it's ours, no one else's, waiting to be found right there inside the hearts of all 108 billion people who have ever touched the Earth.