Someone asked me if I had any regrets walking away from a writing career seven years ago after I shared my story last week. In New York, life moves very fast. I've had more experiences and opportunities and successes and failures than most people have in one lifetime. Looking back now on my tenth year living here, I can smile because I can see how each dot was imperfectly perfectly connected. How everything played out exactly as it should. If I hadn't left fashion, if I hadn't gotten into yoga, if I hadn't gotten sick, if I hadn't dealt with acne, if I hadn't launched a skin care brand, if I hadn't done three teacher trainings, it I hadn't met some of the greatest living Masters, if I hadn't had the heartbreaks, if I hadn't gone to Acupuncture school, I wouldn't have the depth I have now. Life was once two dimensional and now it's three dimensional. My writing has more feeling because I have felt more. It's coming from the heart instead of my head. It's coming from experience rather than observation. It's coming from knowing basic struggles of every human : to want to be seen, heard, felt, loved, healthy, happy, and feeling safe in this wild world. In the last year especially I've had to learn to trust. My heart is my greatest compass but it's a navigational tool that might take a second or ten years to learn how to read it properly. If you betray the compass you'll get a little lost, but it's always there waiting for you to read it properly so you can get where you want to be