A few days ago I was thinking I have never in my life been under as much pressure as the last two years. I walked down Bedford avenue, the same street I've walked down everyday for the last five years, wondering how much of the same has become so different. As I walked and thought I realized the only reason I've felt more pressure is because of one thing and one thing only :: I've set bigger goals than I ever have in my life. I've launched a business, I spent last year living in-coastal as I decided to do a teacher training in LA, redid my apartment, beginning a career as a writer, and a few more goals I can't quite share yet. This is why I've become so passionate about the Prosperity teachings - we've been given tools to literally make anything we want to happen, to make something from nothing, to make the impossible possible. But with bigger goals comes bigger expectations and bigger pushes to become strong enough to deliver once your dreams appear in front of you. If we can take the pressure and instead of looking at it as crushing but as a force to catapult us forward, as the fuel we need to make the changes to become stronger in the pursuit of our dreams, we can start to face any challenge as an opportunity to create magic in this ordinary world