(Part 2) The next time I would see Chris would be a year later and I was sick and depressed and Western Medicine couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. He would treat me every week until finally one day he came in angrier than I ever saw him and said, "I'm not treating you anymore until you work with Thomas and decide you WANT to get better." It's not even until looking back now as I write this how important that moment was. He made me so angry I decided to do something about it. How could he say that? Did he think I wanted to be sick? Did I want to feel that way? Grandmaster once told us a story of a woman in a wheelchair with Multiple Sclerosis. She felt no one loved her and was unhappy her whole life but when she became sick, suddenly everyone had to take care of her. She came to Master to be treated and he took one look at her and said, "I'm not treating you. When you decide you want to get out of that wheelchair, you know where to find me." In that moment Chris confronted all my understanding of health and disease, he hit my ego which wanted to blame everything else for me being sick and challenged the fact that I took zero responsibility for my well being. Over the years there have been many moments like this, where his proverbial iron fist will crack open everything I know about the world. But I'll never forget the time we drove home from Masters at 2am after a long weekend of studies. I was crying about god knows what and he looks over at me with a sly smile and says, "You don't believe in magic, do you?"