(Part 1) In 2010, I limped down 27th street after injuring my back in yoga (yep). I texted Grandmaster and asked him who should I go to fix my back? He said Chris. I thought, what the 12 year old? I met Chris a few months before on the day I realized that the man I lovingly knew as Sung was a Daoist Grandmaster. I happened to be living home in Baltimore due to a quarter-life crisis. Two years before, I met Sung at Collective Hardware, the modern day Warhol factory. To this day I don't remember who reached out to who two years later but he said, "Come for a drink at this hotel we have a Kung Fu tournament here." Cosmically of course, he was in Baltimore and the tournament was 7 minutes away from my house. My mom and I went together and he walks into the lobby in a fine suit and combat boots with his black hair pulled back into a pony tail. He had a swarm of students trailing behind him who all stood tall like Samurai's He quickly introduced me to each one, including Chris, who I remember wondering how old this guy was. My mom and I looked at each other wondering what alternate universe did we enter. That was the day that Sung became Grandmaster as I learned he was the 75th Grandmaster of the Dong Han Pa lineage. And that he was also named Sword Immortal. And that that was his Kung Fu tournament he was hosting with hundreds attending. We all sat down for a drink in the lobby with his students close by. He enjoyed a smokey tequila while he said to me, "You'll get a degree in Acupuncture and you'll study with me, these are your classmates and you will be the best acupuncturists of your generation." And then it all became a blur and I went back to New York to finish my Bachelor's at FIT and there I was limping down 27th street because I ignored Master's advice to go see Chris. About half a block in, I look up and see a man on his bike riding towards me. I squint my eyes and realize, it's Chris. And where I had happened to be standing at that moment was directly in front of his office on 27th street. Little did I know that would be the first time I met my Teacher. •• Happy Solar Return to this Saturnian Taurus who has changed my life