Someone recently asked me, "How do you let go of someone, especially when they have found someone else already." As a single Scorpio in New York, I loved that question as dating has shown me a handful of incredible men that ended up not working out. I mean, some of these guys were so perfect in the scheme of what I'm looking for it seemed to good to be true. So when things fell apart, obviously I didn't want to let go. But overtime, I began to see over and over that the next person was always closer to what I'm looking for. Even very recently I met someone who I thought, "wow, this is it." And then the whole thing blew up in my face like the grand finale on 4th of July. I met with a friend for lunch recently in SoHo. We had dated in the past and since I was asked this question the day before, seeing him reminded how badly I didn't want to let go because he was what I thought to be a perfect fit. And through our friendship I see how so very wrong we are romantically, that it was just an idea I was chasing in my head, but as friends, we are perfect. So letting go has become easier, as the Universe has showed me over and over again three things: 
1. Most of the time we are chasing after an idea vs experiencing what that person actually brings to the table. 
2. Trust is a muscle. We have to learn to trust that if we let go, we create a gap that the Universe must fill with something else. 
3. As my great-grandmother used to say, "Que Sera Sera", whatever will be will be. When we stop chasing and trying to control things, we can let what is actually meant to happen unfold organically, which is extremely powerful. When we can sit back, be graceful and let everything come to us through our strength and not chase after everything through our neurosis, then we begin to attract the best experiences possible