| When I was 16 I wanted to study literature at NYU for college. What a dream, I thought. I excelled in English classes at school, getting lost in every book, writing 5,10,15,20 page essays on my reflections faster than the professor gave the assignment. When I told my parents of my dream, they asked me "what are you going to do with a degree in literature?" At the time, I didn't have an answer so I settled for journalism at FIT. Settled. It's a funny word. When I couldn't find happiness in fashion I left because I thought I could find it in wellness. When I couldn't find it there, I thought, "well now I'm fucked." But then something very interesting happened as I began to mediate more - I started to move away from the dogma of wellness and towards the twinkling inspirations of creativity, feeling nostalgic for those creative days of the early years in NYC. I've been surrounding myself more and more with those who follow their souls longings. I've been meeting people who are doing what they love. I've been inspired by those who are creating outlets for their passions to be shared. @belletrist is my latest inspiration, curated by the absolutely lovely @emmaroberts + @kpreiss. A rotation of incredible books every month by phenomenal writers, I can't wait to dive into this months book, Marlena by @juliebuntin. I feel 16 again!! 💎 To everyone in my life who's following their dreams, your drive inspires and ignites me every single day and my goal is to let each and every one of you know that