That was the hardest workout I've done in a while and by no means do I mean physically. Every part of me had an excuse. My body wasn't feeling well due to a second round of antibiotics this month (one tooth infection, one spider bite, thank you April). My mind had every reason not to workout even though I had my gym clothes on since 6pm. My spirit has been numb since last night when my godmother called me in tears to share the news of a sudden death in our family. I even went to the gym, actually. I went to the gym and I got on the bike and I started peddling and just stared at the screen. After six minutes I stepped off and out and said I'll go for a run. The walk never turned into a run and I just sat in the laundromat and watched my clothes spin around in the dryer for 32 minutes. Not a single part of me wanted to workout until I remembered a sign I saw today while I sat in the park under a cherry blossom tree :: "Keep going." I think a lot about the difference between ordinary people and great people. The only difference is that greatness lies within the ability to overcome our own limitations. I remembered this as I put the timer on for 7 minutes, turned on Kodak Black really loud at 9:02pm and worked out harder than I imagined. It had nothing to do with working out and everything to do with the fact that I didn't want to. Throughout the day we're given countless of opportunities to turn "I can't" into "I can." That is the difference between ordinary and great: seizing those opportunities as they come