On a cold night in February, Allison and I made our way into the packed Rose Bar for a friend's fashion week party. He just launched a new collection and was celebrating with a huge bash with a live performance by a rapper on the rise known as Saint Jhn. It's been years since I've been back in that scene and while I was fully expecting to be miserable and overwhelmed by the industry I left behind, something wild happened. I missed it. A lot. When I left the fashion industry for yoga seven years ago, I went through a renunciation period. I sold all my clothes. I stopped caring about menswear / fashion / the latest + greatest. I stopped going to events and parties. And I thought I was doing the right thing by trading that in for yoga, green juice, and lululemon. But what happened that night was I felt inspired. Peoples outfits inspired me. The performance, which we fucking incredible, reminded me of my love, and I mean love, for rap music and inspired me. The collection inspired me, making me miss my life in menswear. I couldn't remember feeling inspired like that. Good like that. Alive like that. Not having to do XYZ to get to that space except show up and be surrounded by creatives and creativity. I've been letting this marinate for a while, as I've spent the last few months rekindling my love for fashion and blasting Kodak Black, A$AP ROCKY, Saint Jhn, and Migos in my ears as I walk down the streets of New York. We're always under the influence of what we should do that rarely we tap in and remind ourselves what feels good. What inspires us. What lights us up. My mission statement has changed since that night : the practices of awareness are not meant to make you more aware of what a piece of sh*t you we are (aka not another way for us to feel bad about ourselves). They're meant to make us aware of what really lights us up and be fearless about pursuing that, no matter how different it looks that what we thought life would look like. So now if you excuse me, I'm heading back to Pinterest for more photos like this, cause it's just making me feel real good