Five years ago I just moved into my apartment in Williamsburg and on the first day I noticed a very, and I mean very, handsome man working on his motorcycle in front of our building. He smiles. I smiled. I walked into the building thinking I should have said hi. I eventually decided to go back down but he was already gone. I boldly left a note on his bike with my number. What I didn't realize was that he lived two floors above me. Over the last five years, he has become a very special light in my life. Whenever I need help with something, Andre is there. I feel safe knowing if I need anything or if I'm in trouble, he is there. He walks around the neighborhood and everyone knows him. He shakes all the old gents hands. He compliments all the grandmami's and makes them flash toothy grins and blush in ways they probably haven't in years. He knows everyone's name and he's the kindest person I've met. Anytime I need something, he's there for me. Whenever I can't reach something, he helps me. Over the last year I made a goal to finally get back in shape, to feel as strong as the athlete I once was. We go for long runs in the park and talk about life and he knows so much for someone I would have judged as knowing so little. At the end of our last run, we did a sprint where I almost fainted. I watched him take off with dust trailing behind in my face and I could barely move my legs after ten laps. I continued anyways, moving as fast as I could. He stood at the finish line smiling, waiting for me to give me a high five. Him standing there, with a huge smile, reminded me I need him. I need friends. I need support. I need great people to remind me to be great. I need allies to show me my blind spots. I need enemies to show me where I have room for growth. The spiritual world enforces this idea that we don't need anyone but ourselves. The reality, I think, is that we need everyone to help us see + mold the best version of ourselves.